Monday, March 19, 2012

How To : Bleach your Hair + Retouch Roots [Video Tutorial]

Hello Dolls! :)

I am a self-confessed hair killer. I'm not really afraid to fry my hair. haha! yeaa i know it's bad but 4 years in nursing school really helped in suppressing my love for tweaking my hair. haha. So now I bleach, dye and cut my own hair. I always went salons before but I was always dissapointed with how they cut/color my hair, So I started learning to do things my way! :p

Here's a short tutorial on how I bleach my hair  :)

Products Used :

Hortaleza Hair Bleach Powder : 30 PhP
Hortaleza 12 % Oxidizing Lotion : 90 PhP

Video a little too fast?
Feel free to ask questions  :)


mymini bag said...

Thanks for the tutorial. I need to stop spending money getting my hair dye and blech at the salon. Maybe I will have to start doing it myself.

eriiika said...

Yeaaah. Salons are really expensive, it's cool to have fun with ur hair sometimes :)

JoanneCuaycong said...

I know the feeling of being in nursing school and you can't do your hair and nails the way you want to! You go girl! You're so courageous on bleaching your hair. I'm even afraid of split ends. :( 

Thanks for dropping by my blog awhile back. I'm sorry if I just got back at you only now since I've been MIA in the blogging world. Anyway, I'm following you now! :)) 

eriiika said...

thanks for following me! :)
haha i'm just happy i'm not in nursing school anymore. :p
but yeah bleaching really damages your hair but i can't help myself. haha :) 

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