Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TONY MOLY: Crystal Light Liquid Highlighter (Gold Beam) Review

For the longest time, i have been obsessed with how to achieve the perfect 'dewy' look. I've been wanting to buy Benefit's Sun Beam but it's not readily available here in Davao. I didn't want the hassle to buy it online + it's expensive. So I've always been on a hunt for a good highlighter without spending too much. Well anyways here's how the TONY MOLY: Crystal Light Liquid Highlighter in Gold Beam looks like :

Packaging wise? i think that Tony Moly looks cuter than Benefit's Sun Beam. it looks more elegant because of its nice gold packaging.

Gold Beam uses a wand applicator, which for me is more hygienic than a doe foot one. the only problem that i have with this wand is that it's too BIG. i mean it's a little wide, and if you're not careful enough you might actually take a gunk full of product. for a clumsy person like me, it's a huge no-no. i was wishing they used a nail polish brush just like sun beam.

Here's a swatch I made using the Gold beam. i was a bit surprised to find that it actually looks more pink than gold. the shimmers look pink but with a slight gold undertone, i don't know if you can see it here but in person the shimmers really look pinkish to me. I think it's leaning more towards Benefit's HighBeam than Sun Beam . IMO. The product also smells like fresh flowers, it's not pungent or anything, i really love the smell :)

Wrap Up:

-the packaging! it's so cute and elegant. what can i say? i love gold! :)
-the price! for 448PHP this highlighter is a steal! compared to Highbeam which is 26$ plus shipping fee.
-the consistency of the product is liquid but i guarantee that it is not runny. it is very blend-able and it doesn't dry fast which leaves time for blending.
-very pigmented! a little goes a long way for this highlighter. just three small dots on your cheekbones or wherever you need some highlighting and you're good to go.

-the spatula is too big and wide that it tends to spill the product if you're not that careful.
-Lasting power is not that great especially during humid weather, i suggest you wear this when the weather is not too hot and humid.

Shades :

-Pink Beam
-Gold Beam

Will I repurchase this product?

You'd love this product if you:

-love the 'dewy' look
-need a good highlighter
-You're on a budget :)
-love gold :)

Final Verdict :

4.5/5 - i love this product! i think that the price itself is a steal. 448 pesos vs 1000+ for a Benefit highlighter? i think i'd stick to this product for a while :)

- Bought this at SM Davao Department Store


Chriselle Sy said...

Wow! I was eyeing this but I was worried that it wouldn't work for me especially in this weather. Plus I just have a ton of other issues with using liquid products on top of foundation. :< But you gave it a glowing review so I might reconsider! Hehe. :)

And yay, I'm your first follower!

Hazel☺ said...

that is surely a steal!! Haven't tried tony moly product before but will check on this soon :) Thanks for the review!

Btw, hope you can join my blog's ongoing giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment!!! you're from davao pala & you're a nurse too...san na school?? nice to meet you here sa blog.^^

Pamela Erika said...

@Chriselle Sy : thanks for being my first follower! yay :)the product is very lightweight, no problem when used on top of foundation, please reconsider! :)

@Hazel : hey thanks for following! i just joined your giveaway, i hope i win. haha

@Jess : yeeeeea im from davao, graduated at ateneo de davao just last year :) nice to meet you jess! :)

Anonymous said...

i think I have to try this out. :) I've been hearing a lot of good products from Tony Moly lately.

ChinChin said...

wish we had tony moly here in iloilo :( like your blog btw, following you :)


Pamela Erika said...

@Kandis M. yaaaay ! i'm glad that you want to give this product a try, i promise you won't regret spending your money on this product! :)

@ChinChin : baka you have tony moly sa Sm Iloilo? coz i bought this one sa Sm Davao :)

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